Yemaya's Moons. Mermaid Hoops for Stretched Lobes. 12g Ear Weights for Tunnels

£25.00 GBP

Precious reku glazed ceramic mermaids hang from hand forged aluminium hoops, one end flattened into a crescent resembling the moon at a lunar eclipse. The mermaids are swirling with colours; each one is unique, resembling a secret treasure from the depths of the sea. The hoops are designed to be worn through tunnels. Gently pull one end toward you to open, and close by bending away from you.  

Earrings measure 2 3/4" long. 12g or 2mm hoops.  I am modelling these through my 0g tunnels.

These are dedicated to Yemaya the Yoruba Orisha of the sea and the mother of all, whose "children are like the fishes."

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