Witches Ladder Necklace Custom Pagan Rosary Necklace

£22.00 GBP

Witches' ladder necklaces inspired by knot spell work and pagan rosary chains, made to order in your choice of colour and length. They are made of an assortment of vintage Czech glass, African trade beads and semi precious stones. They are hand wrapped on rosary style links, one bead at a time, and my intention is always gratitude and peace as I make these.

If you would like to tell me a little bit about your path I will add this to the piece in my intention, but of course that is optional!

These are ready to ship (see listing images):

- Rainbow witches ladder necklace, 22" long. It is made of Vintage Czech glass and Swarovski Crystals as well as citrine, garnet, carnelian, moss agate, malachite and amethyst. 

- White witches ladder necklace, 21" long.  It is made of fire polished Czech glass, faceted quartz crystal, vintage Japanese rosary beads, moss agate, labradorite, mother of pearl and fresh water pearls.

The price of a made to order necklace is based on length:

16"-- £36

18"-- £39

20" -- £46

24" -- £49

28" -- £56

In your order message to me, note any colours or themes that would help me make your bespoke design.

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