Witches Ladder Flying Ointment Y Necklace

£19.00 GBP

This delicate, long Y necklace was inspired by the Wellington Witches Ladder.  Traditionally a Witches Ladder was used in spell work, the intention of the working embedded in the knots of the cord.  Here the copper plated chain ends in a hand forged connector from which the ladder hangs.  Instead of cord I have used chain, with metal feathers, bells, and a garlic clove as well as Czech glass flowers representing the ingredients of flying ointment-- poppies, hellebores and nightshade.   All are weighted with a copper-plated pewter skull. 

 Necklace measures 26" long with a 6" drop. 

The Wellington witches ladder was the first one of its type ever found.  It was discovered in an old house in Somerset, along with six brooms, an old chair hidden away in the space beneath the roof, inaccessible from the rest of the house.  Sometimes called a witches' garland or rope and feathers, these objects are a form of knot magic which have inspired the look of this necklace.

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