Winter Wood. Moss Agate Ear Weights. Sindri's Forge.

£28.00 GBP

Snowy moss agate drops weight these simple hoops-- 2mm or 12g threaders are designed to be worn through stretched lobes, either through a bare stretched piercing or a tunnel.  

Simple and earthy, staring into the depths of these stones reveals fairy-lace like mineral structures-- a bit of Northern winter secreted all year round. 

The hoop itself measures 1 1/4" long and the stone is 1" long with wire wrapped setting, making these 2 1/4" long altogether-- a nice wearable length!

I have made two pairs: version A and version B (see pictures).  Choose the version you would like in the drop-down window at check out.

If you are interested in seeing other dark-elf inspired pendants I have made, have a look at the Sindri's Forge collection.

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