Vintage Native American Turquoise and Coral Cuff Bracelet. Old Pawn 40s.

£375.00 GBP

A beautiful, bold yet lighter cuff bracelet in silver with a trio of stones-- turquoise and coral stones set in organic saw-toothed bezels.  This is an example of Old Pawn-- it is not hallmarked in a traditional sense but has "IMM" carved into the back of one of the bezel cups, with an additional mark that looks like a triangle. Additional photos available on request. 

Bracelet measures 2" (5cm) across at widest point. Stones are 1" (2.5cm) tall. It is somewhat adjustable, but is best suited to a small-medium sized wrist (5" or 13cm -6.5" or 17cm).

Old Pawn is a term that has a rich history with the Navajo people, whose history of trade and care-taking of tribal wealth. Traditional "old pawn" items were heavier and distinctly handmade, in contrast to the items made for the tourist trade along the train routes through the Southwest which were often lighter and machine made. 

This piece comes from my own collection of Old Pawn pieces I have found over the last decades, sourced with care and respect. 

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