Vintage Kuchi Tribal Necklace. ATS® Belly Dance.

£29.00 GBP

This bold, colourful vintage necklace is a fine example of the "shoelace" necklaces of the Kochi people of Afghanistan. The heavy coins, bells and glass lozenges are beaded and then sewn to a shoelace, making it a sturdy, wearable design.  This piece is quite lovely because of the predominance of red in the design and the tiny lunula or cresent moon enamelled in the pendant focal. As with all vintage of this character, some glass beads are missing in the pendant and the patina and heavy signs of wear add to its integrity and mystery. The piece is 20" long with two knots in the lace-- they can be loosened to make the necklace longer. 

 The Kochi (Kuchi) are a nomadic tribe in Afghanistan and were the traditional herders of the area, known for their elaborate adornment-- the techniques and motifs of which go back thousands of years.

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