Tree of Life Necklace in Silver Plate Wicca Pagan

£29.00 GBP

This simple tree of life necklace is a perfect every day meditation on Yggdrasil spirals. The world tree's branches spiral into the universe on this weighty, pewter two-sided pendant flanked by a grouping of semi-precious stones chosen to represent the four cross quarter days on the wheel of the year. Black goldstone for Samhain, pale lavender flourite for Imbolc, moss agate for Beltane and carnelian for Lammas. This necklace celebrates the lively dance of this ancient symbol-- perhaps our lives are too fast to see the spiral growth, and yet we can marvel at it all the same.

Wear it and feel rooted.

Necklace measures 16" including toggle clasp. Will hang as a choker on most necks.

You might be interested in the Chartres Labyrinth Necklace, which has a similar design.


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