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On hold for Gleanergirl - please do not purchase unless you are her.
The Volva. Crystal Ball Rosary Necklace of a repurposed vintage rosary chain and genuine quartz crystal.
A vintage rosary is transformed into a divination tool.  From it hangs a beautiful crystal sphere made of genuine rock crystal. The rosary itself dates from possibly the 1930s, made of early lucite in  a dark wine red with faux ivory decades.  I have replaced the missing connector on the rosary with black oxidized, weathered pewter skull, matching the patina of the chain. This chain is old and has seen much use-- it is full of imperfections and character, it has been loved. The quartz crystal ball has several imperfections through the stone. It is also very cool to the touch.  This is how you can tell genuine crystal from leaded glass or other materials which are sometimes used to make crystal balls. I have framed it with delicate, blackened brass bead caps.  
This necklace was inspired by the crystal ball talismans found buried with Viking vǫlvas  or seeresses. 
Some say crystals can feel and behave like living beings.  If this is the case, then this one is quite lively. It looped about slowly while I photographed it, holding sill only after a playful moment. It is a beautiful stone and feels very vibrant in the hand. 
Necklace measures 29" or 74cm with a 6" or 15cm drop, and I have finished it with a black oxidised pewter toggle with a Victorian filigree motif which echoes the design of the connector. 

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