The Viking Dragon Bookmark for Bibliophiles in Copper Plate. Choose Wand or Egg. Game of Thrones

£10.00 GBP

The Dragon Bookmark for your book of shadows, or that page-turner you take to bed. This can be made in your choice of two different styles-- choose a crackled black agate egg or vintage bead wand. The wand is made of rolled filigree and recycled paper which has been sealed in resin in a sceptre-shape, terminating in a tiny Swarovski crystal.

The neck of the dragon hooks around the spine of your book-- holding your place and guarding your tome.

I was inspired by the Yorkshire legend of the Dragon of Loschy Wood. Like so many stories of great wurms, this one most likely alludes to earth energies whose presence is almost lost to us. The arch of the dragon's neck hooks elegantly around the spine of your book and resembles the dragon head on the bow of a Viking ship.


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