The Ur and Vagn Yorkshire Bluestone Necklace.

£39.00 GBP

This wire wrapped pendant combines an mysterious slag stone that was gleaned on the forlorn beaches of the North Yorkshire coast which were once home to Victorian industrial ventures.  Millennia of fragments wash up on these shores, honed and softened by countless tides.  A beautiful stone can be found there-- what I call bluestone-- which is not a stone at all but slag that has been pounded by surf. Slag is a glass-like by product from smelting ore. We have tumbled this for weeks, making it smooth and bringing out its midnight hues. All hang from brass plated copper, flanked by two black Czech glass disc and with a hand forged copper clasp in my Bird Mother shape, inspired by ancient bird goddess iconography. Necklace measures 19". 

I have named this necklace after the Old Norse word for Orca and the rune Ur, which, according to the mysterious Old Norwegian rune poem, is the rune of dross or slag.

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