The Sybil. Amethyst Pendulum Necklace.

£40.00 GBP

This minimalist Y shaped necklace is inspired by the shape of a hanging rosary.  it is not only beautiful, but useful.  The handy pendulum hangs from a Victorian-inspired ring with a toggle handle.  The bob of the pendulum is made of beautiful, ruggedly faceted, striated amethyst. The chain is high-quality, sturdy, sterling plated brass that has been antiqued.  The substantial filigreed toggle is silver plated pewter.

I've chosen amethyst for this design as it is often seen to heighten one's instincts and intuitive processes.  I wear my pendulum necklace all the time and find this particular pendulum very responsive.  I have had the best luck creating my own "chart" or guide by asking the pendulum to tell me what certain answers will look like before asking more specific questions. I have cleansed and charged the stone by the light of the longest moon in sacred well water, but I recommend cleansing, charging and annointing your pendulum if you would like to use it for divination. 

This also looks beautiful worn as a simple statement necklace! The chain is 28" long and slips easily over the head.  The pendulum itself measures 7" long, including the 1" amethyst stone bob. 

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