The Oak King's Bae. Acorn and Oak Leaf Necklace.

£30.00 GBP

This beautiful everyday necklace is a simple version of my Oak King's Bride Necklace. It features a highly detailed acorn bead cap, paired with an earthy, brown snowflake obsidian orb. The acorn is paired with a trio of oak leaves and all hang as a pendant from a chain in your choice of length. Shown on my size 14 mannequin is the 15" (or choker length on some) length. Also available in 17" or 43cm, 19" or 48.5cm, or 21" or 53.5cm - choose your size using the drop-down menu at checkout.

All my jewellery is made by hand by my partner Mike and myself in a converted 18th century naval school on the wild North coast of Scotland.

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