The Kepera Bride. Scarab Necklace of Vintage and Antique Elements of Bohemian Brass.

£69.00 GBP

I have combined the fragments of two pieces from disparate places and times to form this gorgeous statement necklace.  A lone Bohemian beetle has been refurbished-- it's Bohemian crystals still have so much fire!  I have paired him with a fragment of an antique rosary chain of deep red glass beads, rough-faceted and smoothed with age and love. Scarab pendant including divider measures 4 1/2"  The lobster clasp and extender give the necklace an adjustable length of 16"-19".

In the Egyptian Zodiac, the scarab beetle is akin to the sign of cancer. This sign in particular had apocalyptic significance to ancient astrologers.  It was thought that when all the signs aligned with cancer the world would end.  This necklace is indeed something fitting to wear to the end of the world. 

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