The Kali. Wire Wrapped Necklace in Jade, Rose Quartz, or Yellow Serpentine.

£25.00 GBP

In honour of the demon-slayer Kali, these necklaces depict her tongue, framed by a copper nimbus.  All hang from a plated copper chain with hand forged shepherd's crook clasp. These sizeable stone tongues come in pale jade, glowing yellow serpentine, or lovely rose quartz.  The necklace measures 20" long.

Kali was born out of the goddess Durga's forehead, though often she is seen as an another aspect of the same goddess.  She is armed with sword and noose, adorned with the arms, legs and heads of those she has slain-- she wears a tiger's skin and has emaciated, bluish flesh, matted hair, her tongue lolls out in bloodlust as she roars to the sky. Her husband Shiva lies beneath her feet.  Some say she bites her tongue in shame, but this is no doubt a simplification of this fearsome aspect of her countenance-- mocking, frightening and as we say "balls out" (or ovaries...) That is how I see this necklace-- a show of power! 

White jade is often seen as a protective dream stone.  Yellow serpentine, sometimes called yellow jade, is a warm stone that corresponds to the solar plexus chakra. Rose quartz is an all purpose healer corresponding to the heart chakra.

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