The Gorgoneion. Medusa Ouroboros Necklace with Tiger Eye.

£29.00 GBP

A tiny version of Athena's shield, with the head of Medusa on the front and the Ouroboros symbol of eternity-- a snake eating its own tail-- on the reverse. Crowned in with a glowing piece of tiger's eye, this pewter amulet hangs from a blackened brass chain.  

In ancient Greece, amulets featuring Medusa's head were called Gorgoneions. They were worn to ward off evil. In Greek, Medusa means "protectress" and these are guardian tresses indeed.  This necklace is a modern version of a gorgoneion. 

She has come to symbolize the archetypal angry woman, with all the power that implies.  Now is her time, is it not? 

Necklace is true choker length and measures 16" including the blackened pewter toggle clasp.  This is designed to fit close to the throat. 

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