The Draugen Necklace in Sterling Silver with Abalone and Freshwater Pearls.

£59.00 GBP

This elegant, rustic necklace showcase the brilliant iridescence in the abalone shell, reminiscent of mermaid scales. The bright pinks, stormy blues and sea greens just can't be captured in a photograph!  Named for the Draug, which in Norse folklore is the soul of a person who has died at sea, this necklace is part of the Sindri's Forge collection.  

Set in hand forged sterling silver. The shell hangs from a hand forged chain of sterling silver and freshwater pearls which have been upcycled from a vintage necklace. The hand wrapped chain is paired with a soldered sterling chain and hand forged S clasp.  The necklace measures  17 1/4" or 44cm long.   

This necklace is a perfect pair for The Draugen Earrings, also available in my shop.

If you are interested in seeing other dark-elf inspired pendants I have made, have a look at the Sindri's Forge collection.

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