The Dark Coven. 3 Witches Nimbus Necklace with Titanium Plated Quartz. Sindri's Forge.

£39.00 GBP

A darker version of my 3 Witches Necklace, with titanium plated quartz crystals. This simple modern necklace is an ode to the camaraderie of the coven. 3 quartz crystals are snug against each other in my crystal nimbus setting, inspired by images from crystallography, particularly a model which had a halo or nimbus around it. The crystal points are a ragged, and irregular shape, each with its own personality. The titanium plating gives a blue/chartreuse effect with flashes of brilliant colour. Framed with a hand forged copper nimbus, it hangs from a copper-plated brass chain.

Necklace measures26" long or 66cm.

When I was a painter, many years ago, i was obsessed with the delicate halos etched in the gold leaf of medieval portraits of saints. I'd like to think this design has some of that grace.

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