Tesla Coil Mega Hoops in 2g for Stretched Ears. Ear Weight Threaders

£35.00 GBP

A pair of 2g (6 mm) threaders made of work-hardened aluminium close with a silver plated copper spring.  These are designed to fit through tunnels in gauged piercings and measure 2" in diameter, each weighing approximately 13-14 grams.
These are rustic-yet-shiny and are the largest gauge available in my Tesla threaders.  Designed to be worn through tunnels, they will fit best through tunnels of 12mm or larger, but of course this will depend on the walls of the tunnel, etc.! 
They are part of a collection of hoops inspired by the great inventor and showman, Nikolai Tesla.  Here's a quick video showing how to take off and put on my Tesla coil hoops.
The last photo is of my Tesla Hoops in a smaller gauge (available elsewhere in my shop), which illustrate the way the closure spring slides.

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