Stitch Marker Necklace Trio of Amethyst Tigers Eye and Malachite

£19.00 GBP

A trio of semi precious stone stitch markers helps you sort your stitches. This unique stitch marker set features three markers, one amethyst, tigers eye and malachite stone. These snag-free stitch markers are made of hammered, antiqued copper which has been filed, sanded and polished to make sure it's smooth knitting all the way! All hang from a special  stitch marker keeper strung on a 34| inch or 87cm chain that closes with a hook clasp in my bird mother shape. You can wear this as a necklace when you aren't using them. 

These markers will fit over a 5mm or US 8 needle or smaller.

Anyway, I was always losing those little plastic stitch markers. I never liked them anyway. I thought why not make something as beautiful as knitting? Why not make jewellery *for* knitting? 

These markers make a gorgeous, decadent gift for the flash knitter in your life. Just think whenever they move to a new stitch they will think with fondness on how clever you are.

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