Skadi. Rustic Chunky Statement Necklace. Sindri's Forge

£19.00 GBP

This bold, wearable necklace was inspired by Norse and Anglo Saxon jewellery.  7 bold black and white glass beads have been knotted on a length of vegan suede, capped with hand forged copper spiral beads.  The necklace measures 27" and slips over the head with an adjustable knot.  I love the wintery feel of these rustic vintage beads- they made me think of the bold glass beads often found in Viking hoards.  I have always loved how old Norse and Anglo Saxon women showed off their collections of beads by stringing them across the chest, and I wanted this necklace to have a similar feel for a mondern wearer. 

Named after Skadi, the Norse goddess of Winter who, while married to Njord, longed for the call of the wolves in the mountains while she lived by the sea. 

In the last picture you can see this necklace layered with a couple of my other designs-- the 2 Witches Necklace and the Harpy Queen Necklace.

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