Silk Road Nahusha Threaders in 6g. Kuchi Banjara Ear Weights.

£43.00 GBP

A smaller, adorned version of my original Nahusha Hoops.   6g earrings in tumble-hardened aluminium to be worn through tunnels of 2g or larger-- but of course this will depend on the aperture of your tunnel. The rustic, hammered hoop is weighted with a kuchi tribal coin medallion-- choose green, turquoise or blue. The green stones are glass and the turquoise and lapis are both dyed stones. 

- Faux Turquoise are 2 1/2" or 6.5cm

- Faux Lapis are 2 1/4" or 5.5cm (the hammer-texture on these is a bit smoother)

- Green Glass are 2" or 5cm

Known to the Gnostics as the Wise Serpent, the Ouroboros revealed the mysteries of the heavens, protecting the world-egg, this symbol can be traced back to an earlier Goddess, Nehusha, a parallel of the Hindu world-serpent Nahusha. A wingless dragon, she took on a darker significance in the Middle Ages when female snakes were thought to swallow the male in order to reproduce.

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