Silk Road Nahusha Ear Weights. Nepalese Pendant Tribal Hoops in 4g.

£69.00 GBP

A smaller version of my original 4g aluminium Nahusha Hoops, adorned and weighted with Nepalese repousse pendants. Weighty amethyst coloured, faceted glass pendants, each with a Nepalese repousse work bail, featuring scrollwork and and leaves on one and a leaping fish on the other. The repousse process is a labour-intensive hammering producing an intricately embossed surface.

Hoop and pendant measure 2 1/2" or 6.5cm long; each weighs approximately 16 grams.  They are designed to be worn through tunnels of 0g or larger. 

Known to the Gnostics as the Wise Serpent, the Ouroboros revealed the mysteries of the heavens, protecting the world-egg, this symbol can be traced back to an earlier Goddess, Nehusha, a parallel of the Hindu world-serpent Nahusha. A wingless dragon, she took on a darker significance in the Middle Ages when female snakes were thought to swallow the male in order to reproduce.

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