Rustic Minimalist Hammered Thumb Ring in Copper or Sterling Silver. Unisex Worry Stone Ring.

£27.00 GBP

A simple design which is comfortable and easy to wear. Made of cold-forged copper or sterling silver-- this design is sturdy and will hold up to repeated wear. It has been hammered lightly, making tiny facets which bring out the texture of the metal. Then I patina it and tumble polish it for many hours to make it smooth, strong and glowing. Lastly, it's hand polished to finish and make it ready to wear. It is slightly adjustable. This ring can be made in your size. Don't know your ring size? Use this handy online chart along with a ring that fits you. 

The last picture shows the rings worn together, and the two rings thread together when worn. 

I was inspired to make this after taking stock of the jewellery I wear everyday-- rings, and more specifically, thumb rings. While I'm attracted to the intricacies of Victorian design, part of me loves the simple, tactile aspect of everyday jewellery. This ring feels good on the thumb-- turning around and around, it almost has the feel of a worry stone-- a worry ring!


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