Raku Witches Bottle. Pentagram Spell Bottle Necklace.

£23.00 GBP

A detailed Peruvian ceramic bottle emblazoned with a Celtic inspired pentagram hangs from a copper plated iron chain. This bottle is two sided and the deep blue glaze is full of variations-- raku means "happy accident" and is a glaze known for its unexpected possibilities.  

The bottle closes with a cork and is perfect for sigil spell work, for carrying sacred water or oils with you or simply as a beautiful pendant. A beautiful companion when visiting a sacred well or spring-- also a perfect container to use when dressing your altar. This would also make a wonderful shamanic spirit or medicine bottle. 

Necklace is 31" (79cm) long and pendant measures 2" (5cm) long by 1 1/2" (4cm) wide.

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