Mother Troll. Large Wire Wrapped Raw Amethyst Point Pendant Necklace. Sindri's Forge.

£28.00 GBP

This hunk of amethyst has quite a presence, so I've decided to call her Mother Troll.  I've used deeply patina'ed copper wire to weave a minimal net for this piece of amethyst a spear-like point and many facets.  I have blessed this stone in sacred well water from ancient well in the woods near where I live, and let it drink up the light of the moon, too.  
The stone is approximately 2" or 5cm long. It hangs from a 46" or 117cm length of hand dyed, recycled sari silk.
This fragment of the Prose Edda, Skáldskaparmál, translated by Anthony Faulkes, where the Norwegian court-poet Bragi describes his meeting up with a Troll woman, who declares herself. It sums up the power of this piece well: 
'Trolls call me
moon of dwelling-Rungnir,
giant's wealth-sucker,
storm-sun's bale,
seeress's friendly companion,
guardian of corpse-fjord
swallower of heaven-wheel;
what is a troll other than that?'

All my jewellery is made by hand by my partner Mike and myself in a converted 18th century naval school on the wild North coast of Scotland. All pieces come gift wrapped with lavender and Scottish heather. 

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