Minimalist Gothic Everyday Earrings. Mesmer's Baubles, Venetian Glass Beads. Witch Ball Earrings.

£18.00 GBP

Little swirled globes of Venetian glass have an almost hypnotic delicacy. These were inspired by my miniature witchballs of old Yorkshire custom. They are enclosed in dark, Victorian leaves of patina'ed brass. They hang from gunmetal ear wires in a long, elegant kidney shape. Earrings measure 2.5" including ear wires. These wires can be changed to lever backs, French wires or black niobium hooks for sensitive ears, though this will change the length of the earrings, making them a bit shorter.

They are available in three different colours: blue/green Mermaid Colourway, Apothecary Amber, or Midnight Purple. Use the drop-down menu at checkout to choose.

They would make a perfect gift for a friend who tends to enjoy darker delights, but still needs a bit of light in their life! These earrings are the perfect balance.

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