Miniature Witch Ball in Aquamarine

£15.00 GBP

A delicate-yet-sturdy blown glass orb is marked with spiralling stripes of pale blue and fresh green, crowned with many layers of brass filigree, hung from a brass chain. I make these both with and without a small brass pentagram hanging beneath - chose your preference with the drop-down menu at checkout.  The ribbons of colour in the glass seem to interlace with the subtle turning of the orb-- truly mesmerizing. The last photos shows the other witchballs I have available in my shop.

In England, witch balls were traditionally blessed by a wise woman and hung from a window or mantle for protection against malevolence. I have created a tiny version of this protective bauble: just under 1" with a 5" chain, the perfect size for a portable altar or hanging by your work station, a cubicle at work or even a hotel window or any small corner that could use a bit of blessing. Your witch ball will come with a suction hook for hanging on glass surfaces.

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