Mini Tesla Hoops in Copper. 4g. 6g. 12g. Small unisex ear weights. Hangers.

£29.00 GBP

A pair of little threaders made of work-hardened and tumble-polished copper, closed with a matching copper wire spring. Choose between an antique copper or a bright copper finish. Please note: finishes will change with wear, and may darken or develop their own rosy patina, making them truly yours. They are designed to fit through tunnels in gauged piercings or bare stretched lobes and measure approximately 1 1/4" in diameter.

The hoops are available in three gauges:

- a large 4g size, each hoop weighing 12 grams
- a medium 6g size, each hoop weighing 8 grams each
- a narrow 12g size, each hoop weighing 3 grams each

The 4g size fits through most 00g or larger tunnels (i.e. tunnels with internal diameter of 5.5mm or more), the 6g size will fit through most 2g or larger tunnels (internal diameter of 4mm or more), while the 12g size fit through most 10g or larger tunnels. Chose your size & finish with the drop-down menu at checkout.

These are a mini version of my full size Copper Tesla Hoops, which you can see here.

I love this smaller size for everyday wear, for when you are pole vaulting or something and can't wear mega hoops, or for winter when you are wrapping up in a big old scarf and don't want your hoops to get in the way. These are perfect for that!

In the last photos, John and Nina are modelling the 6g mini hoops in aluminium, which gives a sense of the 1 1/4" size. The listing for these aluminium mini hoops can be found here.

Named after the great inventor and showman, Nikolai Tesla.  Here's a quick video showing how to take off and put on my Tesla coil hoops.

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