Lunula Witches Moon Necklace. Crescent Moon with Pentagram Necklace.

£33.00 GBP

A rustic crescent moon is adorned with twin pentagrams and other stars. Made of sterling plated brass, the lunula hangs from a hand wrapped chain of fire-polished Picasso finished Czech glass. The beads have an earthy, starlit finish, making them appear grey-blue with a silvery gold shimmer, but when held up to the light they are a deep green of a wood at twilight. This hand wrapped chain is combined with sterling plated brass and a toggle clasp.

The necklace comes in two lengths-- 16" (choker length on many people) or 22" (a longer length, will above the heart on some, below the heart on others-- it is best to measure a necklace you already love to see what is a good length for you.)

This necklace was inspired by the Lunula necklaces of ancient Celtic peoples and were a precursor to the regal torc necklace.

This necklace matches my Witches' Moon Earrings, also available in my shop!

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