Labyrinth Pendant Necklace Chartres Everyday Meditation Necklace

£25.00 GBP

Celebrating the spiral journey-- this weighty pendant depicts the Chartres cathedral maze in beautiful detail. Flanked by two amethyst toned Swarovski crystals, this pendant necklace is a beautiful reminder that there are no wrong turns in life, and though the path may twist and double back, we walk it in love and trust.

The Chartres labyrinth dates from the 13th century and is the best preserved example of a medieval labyrinth, but it is no doubt an echo of an earlier pagan symbol. Many years ago I had the luck of being in Chartres when the labyrinth was open to pilgrims. Walking it like so many had for hundreds of years before me (some on their knees!) I was filled with wonder. I hope a tiny fraction of that is captured in this necklace.

This necklace is available in three lengths-- 16"/40.5cm, 18"/46cm, and 20"/51cm.  Choose your preferred size using the drop-down menu at checkout.

I have created these earrings to compliment this necklace.

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