Kitchen Witches Pentagram Ring. Wire Wrapped in Brass or Copper. Choose size and colour. Pentacle

£27.00 GBP

A highly detailed, high-fired ceramic pentagram bead is set in a wire-wrapped ring made in your size and choice of pentagram colour. The ring is hand-patina'ed and buffed to bring back the warmth of the copper. It's then sealed with microcystalline wax to keep its distinct colour and to seal it from transferring to the skin.

You can select your size and colour using the drop down menus on the upper right of this page. Don't know your ring size? Use this handy online chart and a ring that fits you.

I've chosen ceramic pentagrams because there is a homey warmth to the material-- it seemed particularly suited to the kitchen witch! Some say wearing a pentagram ring on the first finger of your dominant hand focuses intention, and others who have adorned this finger with a pentagram sometimes use it in place of a wand during rituals. The colours correspond to chakras, colour work or maybe just your mood. Perhaps you would like one of each! This can be arranged. If you would like more than one ring, simply send me a message and I will put up a custom listing for you.

What customers have said about this ring:

"I got the green--beautiful! This is my favorite pentacle ring already!" --Veronica, USA


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