Isa Crystal Point Necklace in Sterling Silver.

£63.00 GBP

This simple modern necklace was inspired by images from crystallography, particularly a model which had a halo or nimbus around it. The crystal point is a smooth, icy shape. Framed with a hand forged sterling silver nimbus, it hangs from a sterling silver chain with hand forged links of delicate sterling beads, contrasting nicely with the stone itself. Necklace measures 20" long including a hand forged clasp in my bird mother shape, inspired by ancient bird goddess iconography. 

Isa is the name of the ice rune in the Elder Furthark and is the rune of rest, hibernation and the power of winter. 

When I was a painter, many years ago, i was obsessed with the delicate halos etched in the gold leaf of medieval portraits of saints. I'd like to think this design has some of that grace.

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