Half Moon Bay Hoops. Pure Brass Tesla Coil Threaders for Gauges. ATS® Inspired.

£49.00 GBP

A pair of 6g (3.25 mm) threaders made of work-hardened brass, closed with a antiqued brass spring. These are designed to fit through tunnels in gauged piercings and measure 2" in diameter. The hoops have been lightly mellowed with a non-toxic, natural patina. The colour will deepen with age and wear, making them uniquely yours. These pure brass threaders have a nice grounding weight to them and a queenly glow.

They are named after a place that is dear to my heart and a very special belly dancer for whom the original pair was forged. They are part of a collection of hoops inspired by the great inventor and showman, Nikolai Tesla. Here's a quick video showing how to take off and put on my Tesla coil hoops: https://youtu.be/z28wv7-IZ3k

The photos show the original item; yours will be forged upon purchase and look similar. The last photo (of the Tesla Hoops in Aluminium, available elsewhere in my shop) illustrates the way the closure spring slides.

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