Etain's Flight. Rainbow Butterfly necklace in Sterling Silver, Pewter and Rainbow Semi Precious Stones.

£69.00 GBP

A highly detailed pewter butterfly hangs from a sterling silver chain, flanked by two faceted labradorite stones with lovely flashes of blue.  From her wings, a fringe of stones in a rainbow of hues glisten.  Iolite, amethyst, lapis, green agate, peridot, citrine, carnelian, garnet, smoky quartz and quartz crystal make up a tiny rainbow accent. All hang from sterling silver chain and a hand forged sterling clasp, measuring 18" long. 

The reverse of the necklace says Metamorphosis-- perfect for transformations, big and small.  This piece is named after the Irish sun goddess Etain, who was changed into a butterfly as a curse. She falls into a glass of wine and is swallowed by Etar, the wife of an Ulster chieftain who becomes pregnant-- Etain is reborn over 1,000 years after her first birth.  Celtic cultures as well as many others from Mexico to Siberia have seen the butterfly as a symbol of the souls of the dead, traveling in search of their next life. 

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