Disir Three Witches Necklace in Sterling Silver with Raw Kyanite.

£59.00 GBP

This is a delicate version of my Three Witches Necklace, forged in sterling silver and three raw kyanite stones.  Three kyanite stones are snug against each other in my crystal nimbus setting-- icy and fascinating, they are framed perfectly in the cool silver which has been hand patina'ed and polished, giving it a rustic feel. 

I have named this necklace Disir, after the name of female ancestral spirits in Old Norse. Kyanite is said to correspond to the throat chakra, and I have always seen it as a bridge stone, perhaps something to aid in speaking with the ancestors.  

Necklace measures 18" long and closes with a hand forged hook and eye clasp. 

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