Delicate Sterling Silver and Chyrsoprase Ombre Everyday Necklace. Gerd. Sindri's Forge.

£46.00 GBP

A delicate, every day necklace of 9 faceted chrysoprase stones, threaded together with sterling silver. All hang from a sterling silver chain with a hand forged sterling hook and eye clasp. The stones are arranged in an ombre row, going from light milky mint green to a deeper spring green hue. Necklace measures 18" (46 cm) long. If you would like this necklace in a different length, I would be happy to make one for you as a custom order. Just send me a message with your preferred length.

This necklace has been hallmarked in Edinburgh with the Scottish sterling mark as well as my maker's mark.

I have named this necklace after Gerd, the hard-won wife of Freyr-- her name means "fenced in" and this necklace has a delicate, protective beauty reminiscent of Gerd. She spent nine nights with Freyr before agreeing to marry him. The number nine is sacred-- in many paths, a spinning mystery of three threes. Chrysoprase is often seen as a protective stone, dispelling the negativity of others.

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