Cross Quarter Days Knitters Stitch Marker Set.

£29.00 GBP

A set of five stitch markers help you sort your stitches while paying tribute to the turning wheel of the year. This unique stitch marker set features rustic, Picasso finished Czech glass leaves and a table cut Czech glass sun. Each leaf is a different colour representing the cross quarter days in the Celtic wheel of the year: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. As you turn your work, so turns the year. 

 These snag-free stitch markers are made of hammered, flame-patina'ed and antiqued copper which has been filed, sanded and polished to make sure it's smooth knitting all the way! All hang from my special stitch marker keeper strung from a 32" or 82 cm copper plated brass chain that easily slips over the head. You can wear this as a necklace when you aren't using them.

These markers will fit over a 5mm or US 8 needle or smaller.

I designed these stitch marker sets because I love to knit sweaters in the round from the top down. (You don't need a pattern, just a bit of maths. If you haven't tried it, give it a go! You'll never look back!  I was always losing those little plastic stitch markers. I never liked them anyway. I thought why not make something as beautiful as knitting? Why not make jewellery *for* knitting?

These markers make a gorgeous, decadent gift for the flash knitter in your life. Just think whenever they move to a new stitch they will think with fondness on how clever you are.

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