Chandelier Earrings from the Wonder Cabinet. Glass Fossils and Czech Glass Statement Earrings.

£39.00 GBP

Two Czech glass trilobite fossils hang from elaborate, art nouveau floral motifs in sterling plated brass brass.  The fossils are flanked by Czech glass drops with a rustic Picasso finish. 
Earrings measure 2 1/2" including sterling silver plated brass lever-back ear wires. These can be changed to hypoallergenic niobium French style wires free of charge.  Just message me at checkout if you would like them changed. 
These earrings are a tribute to the British 19th century fossil collector, Mary Anning, whose discoveries proved influential to the understanding of the history of life on earth in the early 19th century. Mary Anning was the daughter of a cabinet maker, she gleaned the "curios" from the Blue Lias cliffs at Lyme Regis. The locals called them the devil's fingers, snake-stones and verteberries and in this necklace these unearthed treasures are formed of Czech glass. 
For those who are curious, I have written about Mary Anning, the mother of palaeontology, on my blog:

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