Celtic Knitting Clasp. Penanular Brooch. Fibula. Sheila-na-Gig Brooch.

£19.00 GBP

A penannular, fibula style brooch inspired by Anglo-Saxon archeological finds in Yorkshire.  I designed this one as an elegant, playful variation of my original oroborus brooch, which was featured in Stacy Perry's youtube knitting tutorials.  

This shape takes its inspiration from the trickster Sheila-na-gig figures carved inside churches across Ireland. Consider "gargoyles" and shrouded in mystery. 

These are cold forged in copper, patina'ed to mellow out the colour of the copper and then tumble polished for hours to make the piece shining and strong. I then hand polish them to bring out the delicate hammer facets.  Please note-- only the larger pin has hammer facets-- the smaller one is smooth. 

One benefit of this design-- the pin is secured permanently to the brooch by the curled ends of the circlet, so they will always be kept together.

For more hand-forged brooches and stitch markers, check out the Feral Knitting section of my shop.

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