Flock of Birds ATS® necklace. Bird by Bird. In Antique Brass, Black Patina, or Bright Silver

£20.00 GBP

A flight of swallows wings widdershins over your collarbones-- six tiny brass swallows are joined together, hanging from a delicate brass chain. Chose either antique brass, black patina, or bright silver plate finish.

I was inspired to make this necklace during the first Christmas rush in the shop, thinking of the mantra from Anne Lamont's book, Bird by Bird. Wear it when you want to be reminded to take it day by day, bird by bird.

This necklace has become popular within the ATS® Belly Dance community, as it also represents the Flock of Birds formation turns and the feeling of sisterhood in the dance.

Necklace measures 17" including the toggle clasp.

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