Belladonna Berry Y Necklace. Gothic Hedgewitch.

£53.00 GBP

An onyx stone globe is transformed to the poison berry of the Atropa plant, crowned with a little glass blossom resembling a belladonna flower. All hang from a filigree connector in a classic Y necklace shape, flanked by fire-polished Czech glass in an ombre arrangement of purples and green hues, echoing the colours of the belladonna plant.  The blackened brass chain and blackened pewter clasp with two accent Swarovski crystals complete the design. Necklace measures 19" or 48.5cm. 

Historically, belladonna was used as a cosmetic to dilate the pupils.  It was also used by Macbeth as a poison and is, of course, a key ingredient in witches' flying ointment.

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