Hymn to Ninkasi. Beer Goddess Necklace.

£55.00 GBP

Hymn to Ninkasi. This necklace celebrates the ancient beverage with a weighty and beautifully detailed pewter hop flower pendant which hangs from a rosary style linked chain of grouped Czech glass beads, arranged to resemble the Lovibond or SRM beer spectrum-- basically the beer rainbow. (OK, I admit it, I'm a total beer geek!) Hop bead is hand-cast in lead free pewter. This necklace is made to order, so please allow about a week for me to complete it and post it to you.

Necklace measures 16" long with toggle clasp. The necklace can be made longer by request.

I was inspired to make this necklace after reading the 4,000 year old Hymn to Ninkasi, an ancient Sumerian poem inscribed on clay tablets. It reminded me of the complexity of this drink I love, and its miraculous history-- that often involved powerful women and goddesses. I wanted to make something stately and elegant, befitting a beer goddess. The hymn is a beautiful song to a brewster goddess, and it's also a recipe for beer! You can read the poem here

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