Art Nouveau Water Lily Statement Tassel Necklace

£28.00 GBP

This decadent necklace is hand dyed sari silk, weighted by a blackened brass stamping of elegant Art Nouveau water lilies from which hangs a hand wrapped tassel of many vintage beads-- Czech glass, African trade beads and freshwater pearls among them. 

Necklace is 32" long but can be adjusted by re-tying the silk. The tassel has a 4" drop which includes the lily medallion and the hanging beads and spirals. 

This necklace was inspired by one of my favourite places in London, the Waterlily House at Kew Gardens, where the giant waterlilies bloom for a mere 48 hours. The lily emerges from the dark waters and basks in the sun, and then is submerged again-- an affirming reminder of the continuous cycle of enlightenment and learning.

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