Lily Headlamps. Antique Bohemian Czech Necklace. Spring Flower.

£53.00 GBP

I have refurbished this necklace from antique fragments, giving it new life.  This necklace is the last of a larger lot of antique crystals and brass from a Bohemian peddler I had the luck of doing business with, years ago. I have kept it this long because I couldn't bear parting with it- it's so bold and beautiful yet simple. 

This necklace features a gorgeous, weighty brass lily flower, deeply patina'ed and flanked by two brightly glowing aurora borealis crystals- they are really full of fire, resembling two gorgeous headlamps.  The piece is fringed with some of the original cut glass as well as new Swarovski pearls which I have used to replace what was missing. The chain is gorgeous and weighty.  Though this piece is bold, it is still suitable for every day wear-- if you are a little fancy every day. (And I know you are...)  

This piece measures 16" with a 3" extender chain and it closes with a lobster style clasp. 


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