Alchemists Hoops. Pyrite, Quartz and Garnet with Sterling Silver Earrings

£30.00 GBP

Delicate and lightweight, these hand forged sterling silver hoops are adorned with three stone drops: faceted pyrite and garnet with lovely strawberry quartz, all with hand wrapped sterling silver bails. 

I was inspired by alchemical processes while making these-- that through magic you can turn blood, sweat and tears into something golden. Garnets are some of my favourite stones-- I find them very grounding-- corresponding as they do to the root chakra.  I love that strawberry quartz contains threads of inclusions which resemble blood as well.  Pyrite, or "fools gold" is also another grounding stone with its own geometry, it appeals to the rational mind-- together these three stones have a wonderful earthy harmony.  

These hoops measure just shy of 2" long and are perfect for regular ear piercings but also work well threaded through tunnels for stretched ears.

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