The Morrigan Glasses Chain. Celtic Gothic Rosary Eyeglass or Glasses Chain. Morbid Librarian Chic.

£34.00 GBP

The Morrigan glasses chain. A darker version of the trad eyeglass chain, made of a chain of round black beads reminiscent of a rosary chain, combined with Celtic knot accents.  Three detailed silver plated pewter knot work beads accent the chain are a nod to the triple aspect of the goddess Morrigan, and the four Czech glass beads adorned with moons and stars bring an air of celestial mystery. 

I made this design after getting lots of requests for a skull-free version of my original goth glasses chain-- this one is also lighter and shorter (measuring 27" long) and perfect for everyday wear!  If you are down with the skulls, that listing is over here.

You're old school. Back in the day, you had Bauhaus on vinyl, and saw Sisters of Mercy live. You know what they say, Goth for life.  Well, you're living it. Now, you might need reading glasses. Hey, so do I, which is why I've entertained my inner spooky librarian and started making eyeglass chains that make astigmatism cool. Almost.  

These also work as a stylish way to keep from loosing those fancy sunglasses. (The nicer the sunglasses, the faster I loose them. This is my way of basically tying them to myself!)

This particular design was inspired by my reading Manda Scott's epic Boudica novels-- my daydreams have been occupied by that world!

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