Custom Stitch Marker Set of 5 for Top Down Knitting. Knitter's Necklace.

£17.00 GBP

A lovely set of 5 wonderfully colourful stitch markers, either on their own or as part of a lovely necklace. I've chosen mysterious Picasso-finished Czech glass and vintage beads-- both pressed and fire polished, in elegant shapes-- they will add a touch of mermaid-mystery to your knitting process. Each are carefully hand-forged in copper and patina'ed to bring out the warmth of the metal. I then tumble these stitch markers for hours so they emerge strong, smooth and glowing.

These markers will fit over a 6mm or US 10 needle or smaller. 

I can make sets in a myriad of other colours.  They are available on their own or as part of a handmade necklace. Use the drop-down menu at checkout to choose colour and necklace options.  The last photo shoes Janel Rohrig of @frumpyknits wearing her stitch marker necklace.

I find working with copper to be very grounding, helping with the flow. It is my favourite metal to work with-- I hope some of this flow will see it's way to your happy, effortless knitting!

Here's what one happy customer had to say about my stitch markers:

"A perfect example of why shopping on Etsy is such a pleasure. Beautiful handcrafted item, exquisitely packaged and sent from friendly, generous and talented vendor with lightning speed. Will definitely shop with the Feral Strumpet again!" - Steph from London

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