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Let's Call It Self-Love Wednesday

Starting at midnight tonight, I'm offering 20% off everything here at for 24 hours with coupon code: LOVEDAY18
V Day always has me wistful for its Roman counterpart– Lupercalia– a festival of purging fevers and she-wolves. Surely there is something worth celebrating on this day besides cupids and St. Valentine? Let’s call it Self Love Wednesday. (I confess: I’d always liked the empty tissue boxes decorated as post boxes on our desktops in grade school, and counting up the hearts afterward. Maybe I just like getting post, even if it comes in a heart-covered tissue box!)

Won’t you be my Feral Valentine?
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Boxing Day Sale at Feral Strumpet

Yuletide blessings from your friends at Feral Strumpet-- visit us during the week starting Boxing Day, 26th December for our epic 2017 year-end sale!

Find 30% off all items in the Boxing Day Sale Collection using coupon code TKO2017 at checkout.  Offer good from 26-12-2017 through New Years' Day 01-01-2018.

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Free Shipping Through May Day!

So many exciting changes are afoot for Feral Strumpet. Stay Tuned! In the meantime, thank you for being along for the ride– happy May Day/Beltaine/Beginning of Summer! To celebrate I’m offering free worldwide shipping until May 2nd, only at  Just use coupon code MAYFIRE at checkout.

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Ostara Stars!

Spring is here, lovelies! I know because I saw a massive Queen bee buzzing around my garden, (Seriously, she was the size of a small bird) and the daffs have started to bloom on the Medieval city walls!

This is such a special Equinox, coming as it does on the heels of a waning half moon. We have all needed this spring energy so much for all the wonderful changes that are afoot in our lives.

To celebrate, I’ve collected all my spring favourites in one spot, The Ostara Stars Collection, and am offering 20% off everything there with coupon code OSTARA17 from now until March 21st, 2017.

What signs of spring have you seen? What are your plans for Ostara this year?

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Boxing Day Treats at Feral Strumpet

We are making room for new designs in 2017, and are busy filling up the Boxing Day Sale Section at  Starting on Boxing day, you’ll find some old favourites there and many more new pieces– one offs and prototypes, all an additional 50% off with coupon code KANGAROO.  This offer is good from Dec. 26th-Jan. 2nd, 2016. (This offer can’t be combined with other coupons or offers and can’t be used retrospectively.)  Here’s a peek at just a few of the designs that will be on sale!


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The Gratitude Sale Is Now On!

This is my sixth holiday season peddling my wares and I’m so grateful to all my customers, many who have become friends over the years.  It is customary to have a sale after Thanksgiving in the US, and of course now there is Small Business Saturday and CyberMonday in addition to Black Friday.  I thought this year I would just extend my gratitude from Thanksgiving (I still kind of celebrate it, especially if I can find a Tofurky in the North) to cover the weekend!  From now through to Monday the 28th I’ll be offering 20% off store-wide at both and Feral Strumpet on Etsy.  Simply use coupon code THANX2016 at checkout to receive the discount.

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Octoberfest at Feral Strumpet

It’s here!  Octoberfest/Oktoberfest at and Feralstrumpet on Etsy.  I’m offering 25% off all my craft beer inspired jewellery during the first week of October. No need for a coupon– starting on Oct. 1st at midnight GMT, the prices will be marked down on the site.

My craft beer jewellery makes a great gift for the brewer or ale lover in your life!  I have gradually expanded my beer-inspired designs over the years, as the Beer Chick Necklace became a best seller. I have long been a home brewer and craft beer aficionado as well as a judge at the York beer festival and a one-time member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.  My passion for beer and brewing as well as jewellery design drove me to create wearable, elegant every day pieces that celebrate the love of this ancient beverage.

This offer is a celebration of the longevity of these designs and a thank you to all the beer lovers and brewers who have supported me over the years.  Cheers!

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New Designs in the Shop Every Week!

Did you know that there are new designs in the shop every Friday, and you can find them in one place – The What’s New Collection at before they get snapped up by anyone else!

And just to say thanks for clicking over to check out the collection, I’m offering 15% off everything in the What’s New Collection for the rest of August– just use coupon code 8NEW16 at checkout.

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Blessed Floralia, Strumpets!

April 28th marks the old Roman feast of the goddess of flowers, Flora.  (This is also the name of my grandmother who loved snapdragons.) To celebrate I’m offering 30% off floral designs in my Floralia collection with coupon code FLORALIA16, only at  Offer ends 30 April, 2016.

As far as goddesses go, Flora is a favourite, and one of the first who caught my attention and wouldn’t let go.  I first found her in the text of Fasti, by one of my favourite poets, Ovid.  In it, her voice rings clear, as if she is speaking to us and her warnings and blessings are as relevant today as they were in Ovid’s time.

In Rome this celebration was marked with prostitutes dancing in the streets and engaging in mock gladiatorial battles.  Send out the hares!— they ran wild in the streets as people were pelted with lentils.  That’s what I call a party.  Here is an edited bit of the Ovid poem, that you can find in its entirety here.

‘Mother of the flowers, approach, so we can honour you
With joyful games! Last month I deferred the task.
You begin in April, and pass into May’s span:
One claims you fleeing, the other as it comes on.
Since the boundaries of the months are yours,
And defer to you, either’s fitting for your praise.
This is the month of the Circus’ Games, and the victors’ palm
The audience applauds: let my song accompany the Circus’ show.
Tell me, yourself, who you are. Men’s opinions err:
You’ll be the best informant regarding your own name.’
So I spoke. So the goddess responded to my question,
(While she spoke, her lips breathed out vernal roses):
‘I, called Flora now, was Chloris: the first letter in Greek
Of my name, became corrupted in the Latin language.
I was Chloris, a nymph of those happy fields,
Where, as you’ve heard, fortunate men once lived…
(she is raped and married by Zephyrus, alas.)
…I often wished to tally the colours set there,
But I couldn’t, there were too many to count.
As soon as the frosted dew is shaken from the leaves,
And the varied foliage warmed by the sun’s rays,
The Hours gather dressed in colourful clothes,
And collect my gifts in slender baskets.
The Graces, straight away, draw near, and twine
Wreaths and garlands to bind their heavenly hair.
I was first to scatter fresh seeds among countless peoples,
Till then the earth had been a single colour…
(She works some fertile magic for Juno who gives birth to Mars)
…Perhaps you think I only rule over tender garlands.
But my power also commands the farmers’ fields…
…Honey’s my gift: I call the winged ones who make
Honey, to the violets, clover and pale thyme…
…‘Honour touches me too: I delight in festivals and altars:
We’re a greedy crowd: we divine beings…
…But if we’re ignored, we avenge the injury
With heavy penalties, and our anger passes all bounds…
…It would take too long to tell of neglect punished by loss.
I too was once neglected by the Roman Senate.
What to do, how to show my indignation?
What punishment to exact for the harm done me?
Gloomily, I gave up my office. I ceased to protect
The countryside, cared nothing for fruitful gardens:
The lilies drooped: you could see the violets fade,
And the petals of the purple crocus languished.
Often Zephyr said: ‘Don’t destroy your dowry.’
But my dowry was worth nothing to me.
The olives were in blossom: wanton winds hurt them:
The wheat was ripening: hail blasted the crops:
The vines were promising: skies darkened from the south,
And the leaves were brought down by sudden rain.
I didn’t wish it so: I’m not cruel in my anger,
But I neglected to drive away these ills.
The Senate convened, and voted my godhead
An annual festival, if the year proved fruitful…
…The drinker’s brow’s wreathed with sewn-on garlands,
And a shower of roses hides the shining table:
The drunken guest dances, hair bound with lime-tree bark,
And unaware employs the wine’s purest art:
The drunken lover sings at beauty’s harsh threshold,
And soft garlands crown his perfumed hair.
Nothing serious for those with garlanded brow,
No running water’s drunk, when crowned with flowers…
…The reason the crowd of whores celebrate these games
Is not a difficult one for us to discover.
The goddess isn’t gloomy, she’s not high-flown,
She wants her rites to be open to the common man,
And warns us to use life’s beauty while it’s in bloom…
…She nods, and flowers fall as her hair flows…
…All was ended: and she vanished into thin air: yet
Her fragrance lingered: you’d have known it was a goddess.
Scatter your gifts, I beg you, over my breast,
So Ovid’s song may flower forever.
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